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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 02/26/2016

Xiola Linden


Cupid’s month is nearly at its end but you can still head over to the Isle of View and visit the gifting kiosk all proceeds will be matched and donated to The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. You may have an extra day this month due to it being a Leap Year but the gifting kiosk ends on Feb 29th so head on over!

In the spirit of giving the folks over at the  Second Life Destination Guide  keep busy exploring tons of submissions. They work hard to bring an assorted bevy of the best there is and that’s a lot of good stuff. Why not take think of their hard work as your fortune? A pamphlet of places to visit that you can stick in your back pocket and  the grid with. A divining cheat sheet that will catapult you into your next inworld adventure? Try this close your eyes, scroll through this blog and point then go wherever your luck takes you!

Wherever you go be sure to take lots of pics maybe enter them in the Leap into Love Snapshot Contest before it ends on the 29th for a chance to win and share them on our Official Second Life Flickr page!

Let’s go!


Home For Our Troops Event

Help raise money for Homes For Our Troops in this multi-day event in Second Life. Buy or bid on exclusive items and attend one of the many live music performances in this charity event, held through Feb. 29.

Visit in Second Life



Children of the World Charity Event

Residents of Second Life unite together for a good cause at this music and fashion event, held Feb. 25 through March 2. Help the children in Yemen and connect with others who care in this limited-time event in benefit of War Child (warchild.org.uk).

Visit in Second Life



Metroplex 17

Metroplex 17 is a sci-fi roleplay community based in the year 2086 where humans live among a complex society of cyborgs, androids, and genetic mutations.This totalitarian city is ruled by social class distortion, with a shift of balance given to the wealthy Mega-corporations, who preside over and influence major political movements that affect the lower-class. Which side will you choose?

Visit in Second Life



Bay City History Pavilion

Want to learn more about the Mainland community of Bay City? Get in deep and visit this display covering the city's history and featuring artifacts and images spanning it's existence from 2008 to today!

Visit in Second Life



Unexpected Error

Unexpected Error is a hangout for self-proclaimed geeks, nerds, gamer girls and guys Meet like-minded people, talk games and possibly get laid at this unconventional chat spot.

Visit in Second Life




Experience the isolated, icy beauty of Sorrow.

Visit in Second Life



The Outer Garden

The course of time stops at The Outer Garden. Listen to a lover's whisper...or take a walk and snap photos along the way. These gardens are filled with summer dreams, twinkling water and translucent pale lights.

Visit in Second Life



Funky Junk

Funky Junk is a world of the future. Humans and the subsequent dominant species (avatars) have long gone. All that remains of them are piles and piles of their trash. Learn more at funkyjunksl.weebly.com.

Visit in Second Life



The Ionic Spell Collective

The Ionic Spell is what remains of a little village devastated by a large solar storm, forcing the citizens to rethink day to day life. For 10 years the people have lived without electricity and looked for ways to restore the light. The community is close and must stick together to find the answer.

Visit in Second Life



Grace Island

Grace Island is a photography sim with regularly-changing designs and themes; from strands of romantic beaches and glistening seas to enchanted mountains tufted with forests, Grace Island offers much to discover and photograph. Each design has a story you can piece together as you explore. You'll also find many features perfect for friends and lovers to relax and spend time.

Visit in Second Life




Explore Etinterra, an adventurous space for the Spanish-speaking furry community in Second Life.

Visit in Second Life



Monumento Malvinas Argentinas

Honor those who have passed at this replica of the memorial to the Argentinian casualties in the Falklands War (April-June 1982).

Visit in Second Life



17th Century Pirates Haven of Rogues

Hide out in this secluded haven for 18th century pirates, rogues and outlaws. Nestled in the southern nether regions of an active and growing 12-region estate, here you'll find pirates, rum...and others of questionable character.

Visit in Second Life


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