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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 06/10/2016

Xiola Linden


We had so much last weekend at the Music Fest Auditions it’s hard to believe the weekend is upon us once more and there is no shortage of fun things to get into this weekend!

We’ve got Vintage fashion, Men’s fashion, rock fashion and some super fun rollerball action!

Have a look at the list of spots the Destination Guide team has curated for your enjoyment!

The 13th birthday celebrations are fast approaching. If you have some plans for parties and events that celebrate Second Life’s 13th Birthday, submit them to the Destination Guide.

As always please share pics of your inworld adventures on our Official Second Life Flickr page!

Let’s teleport on in!


Vintage Fair 2016

Vintage Fair, held June 10 to 26, showcases numerous designer brands with each exploring inspiration from the vintage eras of 1920-1980. Discover new and exclusive items from every brand!

Visit in Second Life



Menswear Fashion Week 2016

Menswear Fashion Week 2016 is coming to you live from Paris, France on June 10 - 19. Celebrate with SCALA and Siren Productions as they bring you the best designers of menswear in Second Life for one week only. Join in for an entire week of fashion, accessories, shows, events, and more all for the well-dressed gentleman. MWFW 2016 is a proud sponsor of RFL.

Visit in Second Life



Rock Attitude Fair 3

Are you ready to rock? Well if you are, then head on over to the Rock Attitude Fair and add some glamour and attitude to your Second Life! Event end June 18.

Visit in Second Life



Gacha Good - June Round

Gacha Good is having its June Gacha round that has over 80 gachas and a fun "Jungle Fever" theme. Follow through the twists and turns of the jungle for some mystery and adventure. Event held June 8 - 30.

Visit in Second Life



Hillary Clinton 2016

Are you ready for Hillary? Visit the Second Life headquarters for Hillary Rodham Clinton to learn more.

Visit in Second Life




Visit this 1970s roller derby arena that has is also a club where you can skate, dance and hangout.

Visit in Second Life



Preiddeu Annwn

What better place to stage an Otherworld than in this Otherworld? A visual representation of a medieval Welsh poem from The Book of Taliesin, early fourteenth-century. This very cool, partially underwater art installation makes generous use of shadow and light.

Visit in Second Life



La Vie

Get lost at La Vie, a photogenic spot in Second Life.

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Fleeting Heart and Rosewood Cafe

Fleeting Heart is a quaint rustic residential sim that is also home to Rosewood Cafe.

Visit in Second Life



Plagues of Egypt

Explore this Egyptian-themed build representing the Egyptian plagues circa Moses and the 10 Commandments.

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Black Basalt Beach

Gray skies hover over a dark sandy beach, while wet sand sticks to your toes. Ocean scents carried in the wind and you can taste the salt on your tongue as you watch shadows dancing off the Basalt cliffs and rocks on the shore. Welcome to Black Basalt Beach.

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Come explore the enchanting world of Blithe. Wander the wooded pathways, enjoy the rocky coast, cozy up and dance with a loved one or friend. There's so much to see and do at Blithe. You can even join the inworld group to rez your own items for photographs and more! Get lost in the captivating world of Blithe.

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The Looking Glass at Horizon Dream

The Looking Glass is the joint creation of Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee. Beautiful art and designs populate this photogenic island, which aims to host and support the arts in Second Life through live music, particle shows and poetry readings.

Visit in Second Life



Club Synthetik Bunker

Club Synthetik Bunker is a club with a Gothic, industrial and sci-fi design that has many active staff members, including friendly deejays, hosts and dancers. Music genres include EBM, synthpop, aggrotech, hellektro, dark-wave, Goth, cybergoth and trance.

Visit in Second Life


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