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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 08/05/2016

Xiola Linden


When I explore Second Life, I find the Second Life Destination Guide to be an invaluable resource to discover new places. Our editorial team spends a great amount of time looking through submissions, actively hunting for spots to feature, and categorizing them all into an organized and easy guide for everyone to use. In one of my former jobs, I spent a great deal of time doing a similar ‘taxonomy’ work thinking about how people would discover the things that they were looking for even when sometimes they may not know what they are looking for. It’s a tough and fun challenge that takes creativity and acumen. Show your Destination Guide editors some love by poking around the guide and finding something really cool!


The Official Second Life Flickr page is here we select images to feature on our social media channels as part of the Pic of the Day program so why not share your inworld adventures with others there? Tell us a little bit about the spots you find and your experiences!

If your spot isn’t yet in the Guide, why don’t you submit it?


Ironwood Hills

Ironwood Hills is a post-apocalypse sim ravaged by time and nature. As sirens wail in the distance, derelict buildings give up ghosts of their past. You'll find an abandoned amusement park under a plume of stale popcorn. The threat of dangers and other darker things lurking around every bend in the path toward the corpse-filled caves. An eerily beautiful landscape that tries hard to hide its secrets.

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Them by Cica Ghost

There is no U in UFO...

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Cool Rush

Cool Rush is all about space and adventure! Will you find aliens, space ships or strange plant life that no one has ever seen before? Will you be abducted by passing UFOs for stepping foot on forbidden grounds? Explore the glowing stars surrounding this otherworldly sim or seek out the spaceships hidden on the moon.

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Make your way through Mystica, a magical floating archipelago, rich with forest, mystery, folklore and fantasy. The Mystics castle and eclectic artifacts adds to the magical charm. Lovers cuddle spots are found high and low so make sure you explore!

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Create your own story at this special event with 87 participating designers, held Aug.6-17. What do you dream of? What is your fairytale or horror story? Fairies, elves, fantasy, horror...the choice is yours. You'll find L$10 gifts at every store, as well as two gacha gardens! Learn more at evilbunnysl.com.

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Baitoushan Aviation Museum

This museum traces the history of aviation from lighter-than-air flight through modern jet aviation. Please come and enjoy this tribute to the men and women who made modern aviation possible.

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Avra Orbital Habitat

Avra Orbital Habitat is a massive sci-fi roleplay area that is set in a dystopian future where Earth's ecosystem is all but destroyed. Explore the labs, hydroponic gardens and much, much more.

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[ arts & letters ] literary salon

[ arts & letters ] literary salon hosts readings, open mics, discussions, and workshops in both voice and text. Please enjoy the cozy property while mingling with bright and curious minds. All residents are welcome!

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Aphrodite Summer Market

The Aphrodite Summer Market has everything you need for your home in just one shopping stop! Shop for summer floats, furniture, bbq and picnic supplies, beach products and more!

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Visions of Beauty Art Gallery

Visions of Beauty Art Gallery is a complex of four art filled buildings, located in Whinlatter region. The displays are the works of at least 14 artists chosen for the quality and uniqueness of their art. Art takes many forms, and you will see multiple styles as you walk through the individual galleries.

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The Majestic

The Majestic is a palace located in a beautiful zen park setting filled with great contemporary music and places to dance.

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Cyberia Openstage

Cyberia Openstage is a sci-fi themed place with an open stage for all aspiring and established deejays. Get on the stage and show us your talent!

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The Coral Gardens

The Coral Gardens of Templeton Cove is an underwater exploration and discovery region dedicated to adventure! Visitors enjoy swimming with whales and dolphins, exploring our region by submarine, or finding the hidden entrance to our observation deck. Find the entrance to the underwater maze and marine life museum, and win a prize when you find the treasure!

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Golfing Plus

Come visit the Whispers Golf Club (WGC) and explore the wonderful world of golf on one of SL's best courses. This friendly environment welcomes newcomers and is also located close to shopping, dancing, dining,and games.

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