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Meet the Lindens - The People Behind Second Life

Xiola Linden


Have you ever wanted to know more about the “Lindens”? At the recent SL14B celebration, Prim Perfect owner and editor Saffia Widdershins hosted four community Q&A sessions featuring several employees from Linden Lab who work on Second Life. Each of these interviews reveals enlightening insights about the people behind Second Life, as well as their experiences and challenges running the Internet’s largest user-created virtual world. 
Take a look at the videos below to learn more:
Meet the Lindens: Engineering Director Oz Linden and Director of Product Grumpity Linden

Meet the Lindens: Lead Community Manager Xiola Linden

Meet the Lindens: VP of Operations and Platform Engineering Landon Linden

Meet the Lindens: Senior Director of Product Operations Patch Linden and Land Operations Supervisor Dee Linden

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