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Games Guest blogger: Freecilla Kuhn

Linden Lab



1. Your firm TRP360 does quite a bit of development in Second Life. What made you decide to choose racing as a theme for your game?

We have all always liked the idea of racing in Second Life, it's fun but we were hoping to do more than just race on a race track on the ground. We wanted to use the 3D element to race on, over and around anything without getting stuck.

2. What is a “zipper car” and how does it work?

The zipper and zippa cars used in 360 Global Racing are named because they do not drive they zip along — whoosh! They work using a combination of speed — fast but not too fast, extremely sensitive steering to turn sharp corners without slowing down and collision attraction to drive on any surface even if that surface is upside down.

3. How do people typically find out about your game? Do you advertise it heavily across your various builds?

We can not advertise 360 Global Racing across our other builds as the majority of them are private educational builds. The students use Second Life for education however we do provide links to our simulation and from there they can use any of our many teleporters to find the race. We occasionally host races for prizes but our main draw comes from the Second Life Destination Guide.

4. Your team also develops “virtual emergency exercises” for educational use in SL. Do any of the gameplay elements and mechanics play a role in these simulations?

We use the idea of role play for our Virtual Emergency Exercises but we do not role play per say. The idea is for each student to learn the protocol for all first responders, city coordinators and public relations. We provide all clothing and tools with instructions of their use and their individual educational institutions provide their lesson plans as required.

Exercises are carried out for a week until all understand the entire situation then they are to hold table top exercises in Second Life using the exercise they learned as their subject matter, (e.g.: Series of events, logistics, media, witnesses, restoration). There are no actual gaming elements in these exercises, they do not win or lose, they are marked on attendance and their individual written portion of the table top exercise.

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