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New Year, New You! Contest Winners

Linden Lab


Thank you to all the residents who participated in the contest. If you submitted an entry or just browsed and voted on other people's entries - it was great to see all the work and pride everyone made and took in this Second Life Forum first!
Congratulations to our winners and runner-ups! You will be hearing from us shortly!


Here are the winners of the New Year, New You! image contest. Click the image to see a larger version of the entry.


GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Areander Mint with "Getting older. getting wiser..."


RUNNER UP: Valerie Inshan with "Past & Present"


RUNNER UP: Lanie Windlow with "Lanie Windlow is NEW this YEAR!"


RUNNER UP: Wildcat Furse with "Wildcat Furse (2012 - left/ 2011 - right)

Congratulations again to everyone and thank you for submitting all of your amazing makeovers. For some it was about little changes, and others it was a complete transformation. 


Here's to all of 'you' - New and Old!
If you want to see all the enties, go check out the thumbnail gallery.


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lame lame lame = except for the winner there's hardly any difference - get a clue you fashionistas its 2012 already - ditch your tired looks, blah blah blah

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Really. WOW.

No offense but Wildcat Furse...Before and After...REALLY. You started LAST YEAR. So you got a new tattoo and changed the winglight. WOW WHAT A TRANSFORMATION!

I did enter and I'm not bitter that I didn't win but like really...usually a before and after is a dramatic transformation.

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