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Photo Contest - Capture the Love!

Linden Lab


February is the month of love, and a great time to show off your photo taking skills. If this sounds fun, then we have a contest for you! Take an inworld image that you feel portrays your Second Life love story. Get creative — but keep it clean! A Second Life love story can mean different things to different people. Maybe you met your RL partner in SL, or you have a Second Life romance to share. Perhaps you just fell in love with all of Second Life! Read all the contest details and then submit your photo.

The person who submits the winning image will get to share their Second Life love story with the rest of Second Life residents in a blog with additional images to help illustrate their story. Their blog post will be posted on the Second Life Inworld blog space for the whole community to read and enjoy. We will tweet and post links on the official SL Facebook page to the winner’s love story!

How to participate:
  Take a picture, save it on your computer and then upload it on the contest page.  Entries will be accepted noon (Pacific) on Feb. 6 through 11:59pm (Pacific) Feb. 14.

How to Vote:
 Voting begins Feb. 15, 12:01am (Pacific) and ends Feb. 21, noon (Pacific).  You will only get one vote, so pick your favorite! To vote, simply hit the “Kudo” button on the image page of your choice.
  • For some tips on how to take good pictures in Second Life, take a look at the Knowledge Base article.
  • To take a snapshot using a Mac press Command+Shift+S
  • To take a snapshot using a PC press Control+Shift+S

Good Luck!


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  • Community Manager


You will need to be a logged in "resident" rank of the community to add an image to the contest. To achieve this, you would log in and write at least one forum post or comment. Then you may upload images.  Now that you have written a comment, you should have no trouble entering the contest!

You can also learn more about ranks here, if you are curious.


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Are we permitted to use Traps to capture the love?  How about nets?  Darts?


... stupid restraining orders; makes it so hard to be with the one you love.  :)

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