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Dawn: Father - Son Love

Linden Lab


The following article is from our "Capture Love" image contest winner, Spike Clémenceau-Silent!


My original idea when joining the "capture love" contest was to show that there are many types of love in Second Life, which bring people happiness - not only the romantic kind. My current family Genesis Order Horde, is basically a close group of friends and family members who love and respect each other, while living in harmony and peace and welcoming anyone who wishes to live such a lifestyle while having fun - we are a clear example of it.

Parenting has truly made me a better man. I have learned, as is reflected in the picture, to slow down and just look at the simple things in life, like a good comforting dawn or sunset with my son while having coffee and catching up about our things - something we try to do every morning - and has helped me to put things in perspective. I am a happy parent of two boys - my partner, Onyx, always corrects me and calls them men, but to me they'll always be my boys. Skylar, the eldest, is the one in the picture and my youngest is Seymour.

Spike Sey & Sky.png

Valentine’s Day is initially thought out to be for couples, but of all the love I experience day after day in Second Life, the one I feel truly blessed and privileged to experience is the one I feel for my son, he has truly changed my life and how I interact with Second Life. Backatcha Sky!


Spike Clémenceau-Silent, Appointed Eldest of the Genesis Order Horde, a popular Second Life destination, DJ and co-owner of Club Se>en and columnist for Gayworldsnews & Sex and Second life, currently parent of two, Seymour Greymoon and Skylar Silent, founder and owner of SCS Designs. Rezzed in Second life on March 14 2010.



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