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That's my English Muffin! <3 Congrats lippy !!! You look amazing .. Even if you did steal your style from me. :smileywink:

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Very, very beautiful.  Especially nicely done skin, eyes and eybrows!  love to see the whole avi sometime in SL.  warm regards, T

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Would love to know who the designer(s) of the components are.  All aspects (hair, skin, eyes, hair, glasses, etc.) are beautifully done.

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That photo more beautiful,!!! :)

The skin has an adequate and well balanced tonality without much makeup, the color of lips is very nice and very natural, the blue cyan color of the eyes them makes highlight of the rest of the face, the color of the eyebrows and hair are identical in a brown tone that fits very well with the hue of the skin, amazing!!!

I like much the design of the glasses, they give an elegant style at the same time that sexy to the face :)

I love much the photo, congratulations!!!

Friendly greetings :)




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