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  2. Steam is basically the Gamerz version of Amazon, the e-store that puts your local computer games shop out of business... Idea is simple in essence, you buy a game on steam, you can then download the game onto ANY PC anywhere in the world, as many PC's as you like, but you can only play it if logged in via steam with the steam account you used to buy that game. Last time LL tried "steaming" a product, SL, Steam had about 40 million users. That 40 million users thing attracts companies to steam based launches, but... Steamers are very very picky, give them a "game" that quite simply does not work, and they will cripple its future with bad reviews Project Stupid, on Steam, now? Kiss of Death... Within a month or two, the pile of "load of crap, do not download" reviews will be so high and wide and deep, that Project Stupid will be doomed forever, regarded as an un-fixable failure by people who've never even seen a screen shot, let alone tried it.
  3. I don't want it to fail - I want it to be done proper. But we are at a stage where one way of doing it proper is killing it and restarting from zero.
  4. Well if someone sent you a random text in RL and said wire me $1500 and I'll send you some photos and have phone sex with you, would you just flat out believe them and send the money?
  5. I need steamVR to use my VR set. Does not mean i love steam ? How can you support sansar if the do move after move strange things and choices. Ok it's linden lab. not strange behavior. But if the really go to steam only. Nope then i cal, it the biggest fail the made sofar and the mae already lot's of mistakes.
  6. Rented out Only two skyboxes left today: Jasmin and Fennel
  7. I do apologize if I came across as cold or combative.
  8. Reality is in and of itself even more complex than that as while some questions may make one uncomfortable ..... There are in truth very few that should be taboo. Asking if they had surgery is one of those, yes. Asking how one is to tell if the other is Male, Female or somewhere in between? The answer should always be to pay attention to their speech, mannerisms and such. We live in a world where many societies place a large emphasis on the external indicators and nowhere near enough on the internal ones. Genetically speaking, the primary data which determines those external attributes in Humans is Binary - no matter how much others may dislike it. Internally however? That is far more complex and unfortunately cannot be wholly explained using genetics. Not yet anyway. There are certain chemical compounds which can have an effect on how a given person sees their own body or how they express their individuality. To a minor extent social mores also come into play. To go back to my most recent response for a moment: Externally, thanks to my very genetic makeup I am Male. Internally .... that line is rather blurred and that is in part due to varied chemicals and hormones that were either part of the in utero wash that occurs during development or that result from genetic expression while also my own upbringing played a part. To shorten that all up a bit for anyone else reading whose eyes may be getting either glassy or red: There are a multitude of factors to consider and by far the most important of these is not the external set brought about by genetic expression - it is the internal set. That is where the fluidity lies. It is part of why people can have vastly different personalities, sexualities and gender expressions. Simply put: Like it or not there is no easy answer to how one comes by their definition of self, sexuality or gender. We simply cannot - at this time - look solely to genetics and bluntly cannot point at Nature either. I do apologize if this upsets anyone - this is nothing more than an attempt to be both clinical on this while relating my own, personal information and experience to the topic at hand.
  9. One of the unused ones? I once terrified somebody by threatening to strand them on Noob Island with their ability to TP out restricted by RLV, with a float text over their head that said "I answer questions"... You did pick up on the fact that people were complaining about a lack of FUN things to do? Erm yeah... The Wiki/Knowledge-base... Thing is, a lot of that is obsolete and essentially worthless crud, and by the time you have enough experience and knowledge to tell which bits are worthless crud, you have enough experience and knowledge to never go anywhere near the wiki/knowledge-base...
  10. Always about and open to sensible offers on these! IM me inworld - Virtualnsanity Resident
  11. Perhaps someone else will reply who has had your experience. I shall page @Whirly Fizzle.
  12. Always about and open to sensible offers on these! IM me inworld - Virtualnsanity Resident
  13. Do tell... Can't disagree with that, but I do ask what exactly the drop in the number of estate sims between 2010 and 2018, has to do with the drop in average Madlands prices between 2007 and 2009? Or with the mass exodus of would be Madlands property speculators from SL, between late 2008 and 2010. You know, that massive drop in the population graph, that marked the end of the "Golden Age of the Madlands". Mhmmm... Too much bloody Madlands... Land Glut, caused by poor market research. Wait... You blame people abandoning the Madlands on the creation of Homesteads and Openspace sims? But... Why would Happy Contended Madlanders abandon their Cheaper Than Ever parcels, to move to more expensive homestead sims, unless... So, you claim my point is wrong, then cheerfully cite the evidence that supports my point to prove the point is wrong... Hahaha... Two ways of saying EXACTLY the same thing... People left the Madlands because they decided it was a craphole, and the Islands were better EVEN if it cost them more to live there. Really? How exactly? The excess Madlands you referred to... ...Are still there... And while there has been a slow but steady drop in the number of Estate sims, there's also been a steady drop in the number of people IN SL, and living on the Madlands... How exactly does "Same amount of dirt, fewer people willing to buy it" correct a land glut? The answer is it doesn't. There has been a land glut for most of the last 10 years, there has also been an inflated market for that glut of land for most of the last 10 years, the only large surge in demand has happened RECENTLY, as in THIS year with the "Tiericide" campaign. Well hell yes... Logical at last, yet more un-needed Madlands, will only increase the glut... Personally though I don't expect it to have that much effect on prices, the Madlands prices are part of a "bubble" economy maintained by the land flippers anyway, with little connection to "supply or demand" thinking, adding more un-demanded supply won't change artificial prices by any significant degree, especially if the new plots ARE "Entitlement Club" properties that can't be sold or otherwise used for "land speculation". And odds are the old 512 entitlement club ghettos will simply be trimmed back further, as they have been in the past to compensate for falling "EntitleMent Club" membership figures, so the creation of new club ghettos, won't do a damn thing to lower stupid inflated bubble prices for roadside on Zindra. Sure in worlds stores have closed, but , again, a lot of stores have MOVED from Madlands to Islands..., seeking to escape griefers, or laggy neighbours or whatever, you can't blame Madlands store depletion entirely on the MP. ... Simple truth here is that the claim that "The MP is destroying the Madlands, LL has forgotten us, close the MP and make the Madlands great again..." is just clueless wailing from people mis-remembering a "golden age" that never really existed.
  14. Instead of editing my above post - since you've already reacted to it Love - I'll just make a new response: As a bit of full disclosure I am male by birth and predominantly in mindset - there are exceptions. I am Bisexual with a strong leaning to being attracted to females. Outside of Second Life I do not have the patience to explore my more effeminate side and tendencies nor do I truly have the body to be able to dress in traditionally "female" clothing - let alone the time and patience it would take to rectify this (I look bloody horrible in nylons for example and as far as ever wearing a One Piece bathing suit ... forget it). I am very thankful to live with a few people and have as my significant other (as I prefer to say however, my Mate) someone very supportive of exploring these traits. My Second Life self somewhat reflects this in its own way actually: The bulk of the avatar forms I have are Male enough to not be mistaken for anything but Male. I do - however - have a small set that actually has been mistaken for being Female and that has been due to their very design. A set of Feline avatars that dress, mostly move and are proportioned in a way that some simply cannot tell whereas some have assumed them to be Female. I am not Trans and can never wholly understand what Trans people go through. My perspective is simply one of a Male whose body does not match his not entirely Male mind.
  15. Transparency Mode? I have no clue what you are talking about.
  16. There is an unfortunately complex reality of learning to be a Trans ally. That is: some questions are not “ok”. Examples include: “Did you have surgery?” “How am I supposed to tell if they are a man, or a woman?” It is basically none of anyone’s business. Some questions are encouraged, such as: “How would you like to be addressed?” “What pronoun do you use”? Many people put their pronouns in email signatures these days, for example “he/his”, or “they/theirs”.
  17. maitreya + vtech is bad - almost no content there outside some specialized stores Try the usual suspects (participants in femboy hunt and the Something Extra genderqueer event) some I remember: Violentility (AFAIK in neither event bit also does a line called "genderpunk") Sensations Glutz Muggleborn Epicine Akuma Drops
  18. It shows and still being brutally honest about the only thing I can say you may need to work on .... is looking at posts/responses with a more detached point of view. You have tried to be informative and neutral. Not everyone has and the last few responses made while I typed up my post above show this with absolute clarity/certainty. From where I've sat, this has been a running theme: Questions have been met with veiled hostility and some have likely conflated the stances, views and attitudes of those posting together - which is likely part of the reason for the veiled hostility. Some of those who have asked questions may have ulterior motives, many simply do not and wish merely to understand. It is the unfortunate nature of the Human Mind to be unable to ask the questions it wishes to ask simply because of a lack of information. On this topic much of that information is subjective instead of objective and due to this, no matter how much information is presented .... Well suffice it to say that most information you can present will not fit everyone's view or experience. When and where there is empirical data, present it and move on as anything else is anecdotal.
  19. I question it because the video playlist they provided as information about Transgender is completely at odds with what they say they feel with their own body. The man in the video states several times "Transgender people are at odds with the body they were born in." Full stop. If the OP is more than happy with their body how, by the definition they provided, can they possibly be transgender? Or is it simply, every transgender person is trans because they say so and there really aren't any definitions. Well gee, I made it about me by asking questions when the OP said to? Umm, what?
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