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New Graphics features?


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Just watched the latest video put out by the labs: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/New-Video-What-s-New-in-Second-Life/ba-p/2226701


 New graphics and lighting features are mentioned and what  looks like an Avatar 2.0 is shown off in the video.


Could someone link me to a detailed list of the new graphics and lighting features?


I'm already aware of the new server side appearance/faster texture loading features

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The video just shows how SL and avatars look for quite a while. (Decent hardware required.)

New is SSA but that doesn't change the graphics.

New are materials but I didn't see any demonstration of that in the video.

New is sharing (beta only atm) but that has nothing to do with graphics and as long as it's an opt in I'm ok with that. :)


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The new graphics features have been appaering over the last couple of years. I doubt anyone has a list. In December I do a review of the year past. The 2012 Second Life Review is here. 

ALM - Advanced Lighting Model often refered to as Deferred Render was added some time ago. It used to be labeled Lighting & Shadows. But, that really had nothing to do with shadows and the Lab decided it was confusing and changed it.

Adding materials meant a considerable portion of the viewer's render pipeline was changed. That has been in the works for over a year.

The avatar has not changed in that time. You can get better looking avatars by changing some viewer files. See STORM-1800 in the JIRA. But, I doubt the promo video uses those changes. If you take a large screen capture/snapshot or video and reduce it dodwn to a smaller image the avatar does look way better. I think that is what you are seeing. 


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