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i was off all summer and now that i am back i can not upload free texture why?

kalliopi Ziplon

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Min Barzane wrote:

Use local textures,same thing different name!

Careful now!  :smileysurprised:  :matte-motes-nerdy:


Local textures and temporary textures are not the "same thing, different name". Technically they are very different things. The main differences are:

• Temporary texture was uploaded to SL servers

• You and others around you could see this temporary texture


• Local texture is not uploaded to SL, the texture is just applied to an object/avatar directly from your hard drive

• Your viewer renders this local tectures for you to see, others cannot see it


• Linden Lab never supported temporary textures, it was a hack in some third party viewers

• Linden Lad does support local textures, it is available in their viewer as well as in third party viewers


• Temporary textures ceased to work when SSA was implemented

• Local textures will work from now on

One common thing they do have: temporary textures were free, so are local textures.



The sun and the moon in the sky both appear to us as light sources, but we do not say that they are the "same thing."  :smileywink:

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isabellalecour wrote:

It does making having a office meeting about new designs a bit more dificult. 

Try one of the many screen capture tools such as gyazo, grabilla or lightshot.  Plenty of others too.

If you're not familiar, you just draw around a bit of the screen and it will upload it to a web host giving you a URL that you share with friends.  Lightshot allows you to annotate and draw on it too and then upload.  If anything, it's far more powerful than just slapping on a texture and then trying to describe something about it when you could just share an annotated screen grab.

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