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Live in luxury in "Sophistication," a 35x30 meter skybox that has everything you want in your Second Life home -- and more! Your "Sophistication" home sits high above a 2048 sq. m. land parcel that is yours to do with as you please -- you will have 295 extra prims to use, and full land rights.

The stylish "Sophistication" itself comes fully equipped with a multi-animated bed with over 400 high-quality animations; a comfy cuddle couch with over 50 animations; a luxurious bathroom with animated sink and animated bath tub for singles and couples; TV with Youtube (works only with Viewer 3-based viewers); quality furniture with built-in poses for single avatars and couples, with over 50 animations each; realistic shadow and lighting effects; a working chimney with on/off switch; a designer mesh fireplace with on/off on touch and crackling sound; sculpted and mesh decorations such as potted plants, custom shelves and more; a teleport system to enter and leave the skybox; and a special artworks gallery.

Gaze out your wall-size picture window, or step out onto your spacious balcony, and enjoy a huge 3D patio scenery changer (you have a choice of 108 views, including everything from cities to landscapes). Change your view every day if you like!

(PLEASE NOTE: 90% of this building is built with MESH, so you will need a mesh capable viewer to see ALL objects.)

Make "Sophistication" your Second Life home for $800L/week, which includes your 2048 sq. m. land and 295 extra prims. Initial payment is the first week's tier of $800L. IM Latamier Longstaff for more information or to pay your tier and start enjoying your luxurious new home!

sophistication skybox3_001.jpg

sophistication skybox1_001.jpg

sophistication skybox5_001.jpg

sophistication skybox4_001.jpg

Latamier Longstaff
Powdered Water Properties

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