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DJ Gypsy 3- 5 PM SLT! Vintage/Contemporary Jazz, Jive & Swing @ The Pleasure Dome!

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DJ Gypsy @ The Pleasure Dome!  Vintage/Contemporary Jazz, Jive & Swing  3- 5 PM SLT!

Today we'll be treated to an array of women!  "I am woman, hear me roar"!  Ok, maybe not roar, but sing!  *laughing* 

Female vocalist will be featured today, and we encourge female avatars to dress as either a famous powerful woman, or a female mentor, or entertainer they admire.  Or, in your own womanly signature look! 

Retro- fabulous melodies and smooth grooves will be spun tonight in The Pleasure Dome.   Join us, and let our warm welcoming environment create the mood for your Saturday night!

 (Scantily clad vintage styled women always encouraged ; )

Suggested attire for men:  Suits, sport jackets or Tuxes.  Dress to impress!

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