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WANTED: Help with Streaming Music


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My friend is  trying to start up his own club, we rented a stream but we can't figure out how to get music playing at his club. We've tried just about everything but we can't figure it out. I'm hoping that we can find a person who knows about the streaming business and can help us out. I can't afford to pay a lot but if someone does help I'm willing to give out a little something.

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Hello and welcome to the forum.

You need more than just the rental stream. In order to play music in SL, you need special computer software. I personally use SAM Broadcaster. However, for a free alternative, you can use Winamp, plus the Shoutcast plugin. Both are required to stream music.

If you have the software already and are just having trouble getting it to stream into Second Life, there could be other issues.


Here is some information that may help:



Good luck!

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