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Hiring Dj's L$500 +100%tips various genres

Vita Sirnah

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Nova Luna Is now hiring Dj's 

L$500 + 100% Tips
We are looking for DJ's of various genres

dj's must have their own stream & interact with patrons 

Application NC can be found in club by Sponsor board
Make sure your name is on the NC when sending to

Club Manager Saduko Weatherwax

(pls note any information about this job is to be directed to Saduko Weatherwax)



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I`m a RL DJ, so i know this sh!t even outside of SL (but there most event manager / club owner can at least say on phone what they want :-).


What DJs really need:

Times (EU or US Timezone, how long should be played, shifts). Most DJs spin in their prime time and that is maybe not the best time for the club. 

Music Genre / Style. I spin harder electronic music and deep underground - so i have to decline 9/10 applications after searching for the club, getting infos about it and the music played there. 

Additional infos like mixing, live-remixing/live-mashups, talkover (mic), playing requests blah - should be added to the thread. 


Club-link, traffic, the used system/server and other things are welcome too...


It just makes me sad - i have to find people just to find out that i cant do the job >.<

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Yeah. I think many people will read this.. And i will make a thread specially for this "problem".


This is how it looks like when our internet radio(and SL is nothing else than internet radio with a 3D client&chat) is searching for DJs: 

Stream (with specialised music styles like Club (only dance, trance, techhouse).

150+ Tracks.

Expirience with Hard&Software.

EdCast or other Plugins (Encoder).

Mixing skills. 

Teamspeak & IRC expirience.

Working E-mail client. 

Expirience with internet radio streaming.

And be prepared to work early and late + on weekends (local time).



Thats how it should look like. Its easy to set up and people see what you need. So you dont get DJs who run away after they spend time searching for more details... 


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