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***1/2 Homestead, 1/2 Full Sim, 1/4 Sims at Naked Landlady Rentals Oh My! ***

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Naked Landlady Rentals


With the Holidays fast approaching wouldn’t you like to have a place of your own to decorate and get in that festive spirit? Even Halloween holds endless possibilities here in SL. Haunted houses to spooky graveyards on your own land! So why not grab your Sweetheart, BFF or Family and come down and pick your parcel out for the Holiday Season! Many of our parcels are discounted for the Holidays and your price won’t go up as long as you rent the land. J

We are a well established company in business since 2005. Naked Landlady takes pride in our customer service and longevity in this business.

We can offer you parcels sizes ranging from 2048 sqm – Full Sims, commercial or residential

Here is a list of what we have to offer you;


You buy your own land that makes YOU in control of your own land setting and options.

Agents on call from 8am – 10pm SLT

You have terraforming rights

We allow sky builds above 300 meters

We allow most breedables (restrictions apply)

We have an experienced staff that is always available to help.

You don’t need to have a premium account to rent with us.

Convenient Rental Box locations on your land.

We have competitive pricing that won’t go up.

We pay for referrals

You can sublet your land

Lag free

Drama free


Please stop by our store !



Available Residential Listings;


½ Homestead – Phoenix Teasing, 32768 sqm, 1875 prims, 3800L a week. Residential


half HS Phoenix Teasing_001.png


 ¼ Sim – Illusions North, 16368 sqm, 3750 prims, 4999L a week, Residential


quarter illusions north_001.png


¼ Sim – Sparkle Paradise, 16368 sqm, 3750 prims, 4999L a week. Residential


quarter Sparkle Paradise_001.png


Available Commercial Listings;


½ - Depraved District, 32768 sqm, 7500 prims, 9999L a week. ADULT Commercial. NO CLUBS


half depraved district_001.png


¼ Sim – Quiet Storm, 16368 sqm, 3750 prims, 4999L a week. Commercial/Residential NO CLUBS


quarter quiet storm_001.png


¼ Sim – Coyote Run, 16368 sqm, 3750 prims, 4999L a week. Commercial. NO CLUBS


quarter coyote run_001.png


¼ Sim – L A Dreams, 16368 sqm, 3750 prims, 4999L a week. Commercial. NO CLUBS


quarter LA Dreams_001.png


¼ Sim – Fishermans Cove – 16368 sqm, 3750 prims, 4999L a week. Commercial. NO CLUBS


quarter fishermans cove_001.png





Owner CEO Lyndsay Carson

Agent Synnamon Brandi

Agent  Lexis Bailey

Agent  SerenityDreams Destiny

Agent Jacki Silverfall

Agent Mooted Resident




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