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Odd Connection Issues, (Constantly dropped offline)

Devious Lei

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For the last year I had been having strangest issues trying to play Secondlife which consisted of Mesh usually not rezzing, going offline during teleports from laggy or over crowded sims, or other times I would just randomly go offline after around 10-20 mins.  My modem and internet would still be working but Second LIfe would just turn gray and say I was offline.


Well for the issues with Mesh it would sometimes load but take forever, then sometimes one person's mesh would be visiable while other peoples mesh wouldnt.  Scultpties would at times not show up until i right click them.  I checked my connection speed using some websites and they all gave me good ratings and even purchased a new graphics card thinking my old one had conflictions with mesh.  New card: (Gforce GTX 650ti 2gb memory)  EVGA brand.

I finally unhooked my router and connected my cable modem directly to the computer and suddenly everything worked fine, mesh loaded instantly, sculpties didnt glitch up and i nolonger disconnect during teleporting.   So I experimented with the routers settings and found that the Firewall seems to be the cause of it.  When the router firewall is off things are fine when its on things are not so much.

So my question is does anyone have a theory as to what may be going on here?  Some said it could be that the firewall is blocking needed ports but i figured if that were the case I wouldnt of been able to connect at all to SL with the firewall enabled.

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The Belkin routers are generally underpowered for running a firewall when there is a lot going on (and an SL Viewer is a lot).  I suspect that what's happening is that while the firewall is deciding what to do with one set of requests, a whole bunch of others are getting dropped.  The symptoms match.


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