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Something on my account is making my SL Viewer crash, cant log in! HELP!



I tried, and tried and tried hundreds of times but I cannot log in anymore, it crashes...sometimes it almost logs in then crashes! It happened suddently then after many tried I decided to use Firestorm which I hate and I think that made it worse, now it always tells me how it cant find bridge. is there a way to change what my avatar is wearing? I cant log! help!

Tried using another account and it logs perfectly by the way, please help me.


Edit: I managed to remove the bridge and change my avatar incase of a corrupt item. And i was able to log on, but the avatar could not move and you saw that yield script sign everywhere,  all scripts stopped working, mine and the some of the location i was in. I couldnt walk the only think i could do was turn and when i tried to jump it crashed! WHAT THE HELL IS GOIN ON?


EDIT: Im using Catnipz atm and it runs better than perfect! still i wonder what happened to my SL viewer to reject my account like that.


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