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Someone to help with Poses


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I'm a fairly new builder and I need someone experienced with poses and AVsitter to help me with poses in my builds.  I can do the single sit animations ok but I'm needing help with couples poses as I can't seem to get them right for the life of me.  There has to be an easier way :=)  I've tried creating an alt and my laptop doesn't play nice when 2 sessions of SL are loaded at the same time so that isn't an option. I've went to AVSitter and watched all the videos and I know HOW to do it but it's just getting the positioning right that I have trouble with....

I have several builds that need couple animations and I just haven't been able to do it.  So, I thought I'd look for someone who wouldn't mind helping with these and possibly who knows a trick or two about AVsitter and poses?   I'm willing to pay someone 500L an hour to help with these poses.  

Please IM EricRob01 or send a NC as my IM's get capped and let me know what your experience is in AVSitter and how you'd be willing to help.  Look forward to hearing from you

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