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items no Copy and magic box on mp


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}{ello, i have take tha magic box for put mi stuff no copy ( items from gacha ) 

i have follow the instruction for update mi marketplace and box and all.. this works.

the problem i have is in mi Unassociated inventory items LIST i have all mi items... when i create the tlisting for one .. sample :  i have 7 items of this:

+Half-Deer+ The Sugar Battalion (Summer)

the first have this name, but when you puty this on magic box this add the number in tha end..

+Half-Deer+ The Sugar Battalion (Summer) 2

+Half-Deer+ The Sugar Battalion (Summer) 3 ect...

if on mi listing i associate this with +Half-Deer+ The Sugar Battalion (Summer) ...

and i put illimited items with the number (7)

after all the other stay in the Unassociated inventory items ... is normal?

how tha magic box will know is the same item? im a bit lost .. someone can helps me plize?

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