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Game Host/Hostess Wanted


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***Lucky Strike Games needs Hosts and Hostesses***

Hosts and Hostesses wanted to work at Lucky Strike Games located at the Devils Den. This "casino" like environment holds a plethora of gaming tables, slot-machines, and contests such as a Greedy Tournament. Host will be paid 95% of tips along with other incentives that go together to make this a very attractive package for a prospective Host or Hostess.

Applications can be made directly to KiraLynnn Resident - CO Owner. So if ever dreamed of that dream-job "working the casino tables", or maybe you see yourself as a champion of the Greedy table, then this is for you.


TP to Lucky Strike Games

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Any online gambling which has a fee to play and a random payout, or chance of payout, is illegal under LL's gambling policy, itself in accordance with US/Californian law.  Don't be surprised if you get a call from the Lindens and/or the FBI ;-0

 [NB: slot machines are specifically mentioned amongst those not allowed]

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