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Seeking some Forest Friends & Greeters ^_^

Lexy Nexen

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**NEW** Mesh Forest Hang Out


Hey Guys!

I just created a new hang out spot for the consultant company that I run called Nexen & Co. Our last hang out spot was a city block in the sky, but now we have a cool mesh forest for everyone to hang out! Human, Faes, Mages, Dwarfins, Furries Etc! Our "Company" is made to help everyone in second life with whatever needs they may have. So think of it as a Help Network! The "Parcel" is made so that everyone has a place to call home. It's not private, it's open to all. The majority of it is mesh and it is not too overwhelmingly huge.

We have a mushroom greedy table, hot tub, camp fire, swim hole, scrying bowl, absenthe drinks for the faires, etc etc. I'm just wanting some friends there to hang out and liven up our new location! Would also like to have some VOLUNTEER greeters there if at all possible! Thanks Guys!


Web Page: http://nexenandco.weebly.com/index.html

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