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Hello, I've a problem. I can't see what I write in local chat only with my avatar and just only in t

JohnTitor Shan


I've a big problem in Local Chat of SL.

In the Sim Asmodeus, where I'm owner of some parcels, I can't see what I write in local chat. My writing don't appear to other friend too who are looking what I have to write.

The problem not exist in other sims near Asmodeus. And just only my avatar have this problem. I'd tryed with two of other my avatars in the sim Asmodeus but the problem don't appear.

I'm using Singularity, last release.

I'ts a big problem for me because in the sim of Asmodeus I can speak with other avatar only in voice and in IM chat.

Thank you very much for the help. Sorry for my bad english.

JohnTitor Shan

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