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Problem with some Animation

Mitchi Slafford

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Hi, all i ned to bother you all guys cause i am stucking at point with the animations i made. What i did just have a look at thispreviewexample.jpg I wanted to make a real "beasty -fleshdriven Demon Avatar and so i fitted the SL-Bones to my needs. After i did all the weightening and some Animations

i had to recognize that it don't work O.O. I have spent hours on reading articles and threads about deformer animation and such things, but since you can't rename the root joint anymore i am asking what i am doing wrong or what haven't got my attention?

Before i forgot: Wherever how i change the hierarchy(parenting) the bones, i do this even before i export and the result isn't what i expected or better was hoping for :P But all Programs i loaded the animation into was perfectly playing the animation as it is intended to.

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So if i understood your tip correct, then everything with my skelet is fine except the number of bones?

Now what i am confused about i importet a fbx (MALE2012.fbx) which i downloaded once ago from a SL page ( I believe from kitsune not sure). This File has 26 bones  as described here http://blog.machinimatrix.org/avastar/the-second-life-skeleton/. If i load the final .bvh in bvhacker i.E. i get 33 inclusive the end sites. Really i am confused about that all, need further information i guess ^^


If i have to delete some bones then which? and then i hardly have to reanimate (thank god for the nice constraint tags xD)


Edit: I forgot about QAvimator, now i had a look into it to get the right Jointnames and Numbers. Now i changed the hierarchy several times in my Animation Program and still SL is giving me wrong results. However i' ve read even more

and now i am a bit smarter than before. Did i understood correct that SL only reads the rotation? If so could that end up in screwed Animations? But what can i do to get the Animation or the skeleton to what i need?

If it would help i could upload a .bvh of the walk i made for example...


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