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** Stargazer Estates ** 1/4 Sim 4199L$ End of Summer Blow out

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Stargazer Estates Header Logo.jpg

 Stargazer Estates Since Nov 2011

End of Summer Blow out, 1/4 Sim 3750 Prim, Full Rights to your property , ONLY 4199L$ Per week

(No Price Change while you stay with us)


Contact me in world only to take advantage of this amazing deal. (DamienThor Resident)

Welcome to Stargazer Estates, a private Estate company with over 27 Estates
and 130+ Tenants in our portfolio and rapidly growing.

Our most recent estates added :-

Stargazer Chaos Purchased 1st/August/2013
Silver Run Purchased 14th/August/2013
Dark Sanctum Purchased 23rd/August/2013
Brimstone Purchased 30th/September/2013

Stargazer Estates was started by the Hearts (Damien and his wife Maddy) in November 2011 as a hobby and just somewhere we could call home after having our items returned because yet another estate company closed. We thought we would offer a few friends a safe place to live without the fear of closing or selling the land. The Estate at the time was doing great and word of mouth started to spread as more and more people put their trust in us.

Stargazer quickly started to grow adding more and more estates to our portfolio. We hired staff (Trish and Angelina) who quickly became indispensable to our company, We will continue to grow and expand to achieve our goal, of being one of the best estate company's in SL. We offer the best landscaping and ground textures available, if you don't like the ground texture we will be happy to change it for you as long as all tenants on the estate agree.

When you purchase from Stargazer Estates, you get full rights over your land and peace of mind with our great management team. 24/7 support both in world from our dedicated staff or via our support ticket system, we also have live support via our website for any issues you may encounter during your stay with us.

We allow Breedable pets, Commercial / Residential Buildings plus much more. We offer weekly or monthly payments, and also paypal if you prefer just visit the middle pay terminal inside our office.

Our main goal is to provide inexpensive land for all your needs, somewhere you can truly call home.

Check out our price promise.


Visit our offices in world to view all the latest property we have where you can create your very own dream home, or visit our Vacant Properties Page for a run down and a sneak peek at the properties we have. You can even earn some L$ with us by recommending us to a friend visit our referral page to learn more about this.



End of Summer Blow out, 1/4 Sim 3750 Prim, Full Rights to your property , ONLY 4199L$ Per week
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