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making avatar bounce once?


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I want to make a script that listens to local chat and when one particular "keyword" is said, the avatar gets pushed a few meters up in the air. Its suppose to be a little fun script.

Here is the bounce part of the script, which doesnt work though for some reason:

float force_amount = 10.0;


         llPushObject(llKey2Name(id),<0,0,force_amount>, ZERO_VECTOR, FALSE);

 it should push (bounce) the avatar of the ground, 10m straight up, but it doesn't work. Any ideas?

The land is push enabled...


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Ela Talaj wrote:

where does the key
come from for

that comes from a listen command, where id = the avatar's UUID :)


ok i made a little mistake in the script:

         llPushObject((id),<0,0,force_amount>, ZERO_VECTOR, FALSE);

 This would push the avatar, but only when they are standing on the object.

Is it possible to make the avatar bounce when they are further away from the object?



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danikristine wrote:

only when they are standing on the object. 

The force applied by llPushObject() falls off as a function of the distance cubed; your force_amount parameter needs to correct for that.

If it already does, then perhaps it's just running out of energy, which is a function of the mass of the object doing the pushing.

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