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BIG SALE at Solace Beach Estates

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Rent land and save money - it's the Scary Land Sale!

In world land sales office

This month, Solace Beach Estates is getting into the spirit of Halloween, with our So Cheap It's Scary Land Sale. Pay for your first 2 weeks on any Light Covenant, Commercial or Adult Commercial parcel, and you'll get 2 weeks free!

This sale ends Nov 1 at midnight, or sooner if all the parcels fill, so hurry to find that perfect plot of land!

The Fine Print:
Commercial, Light Covenant, and Adult Commercial zoned sims only. Existing properties are not eligible for this discount, however if you add a second parcel, or move to a larger parcel, you are eligible for a discount on your new lot. So if you've been considering adding to your land holdings, now is the time! After buying, you must file a support ticket at Solace Beach :: Support Ticket System to claim your discount - it will not be applied automatically.

Qualified Properties List

Please note that ALL open properties on these sims qualify for the discount. We are only listing a few lots here. Please walk or fly around to see more, if these are not what you're looking for. All of these sims allow businesses and clubs.

URBAN - Grunge, Ghetto, Neko, city theme. Listed in SL Destination Guide!

Landing Point: Urban Zone shopping center and games

Commercial Land 2900L a week
Commercial Land 410L a week
Commercial Land 940L a week

MIKELA ISLE - Beach theme, roadside plots, adult rated.

Commercial Land 1121L a week
Commercial Land 2160L a week


BAD ROMANCE - Green/woodlands theme, no roads, adult rated.

EMPHATIC ECCENTRICIA - Green/woodlands theme, no roads. Light covenant.
1/4 sim for 5500L a week


SOLACE COAST - Beach theme, no roads, adult rated.

TRANQUILITY LAKE - Beach theme, roadside plots, adult rated.

1, 152 square meters
4,096 square meters

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