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Store tennants needed for new sim


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One of SL's original free sex areas, Temptations is back!

We have a number of stores available to rent on our main landing point. All the stores are arranged to give equal vantage points. All incoming traffic has to land here before choosing an area they want to see.

Our new sim is split to two levels:

1) Ground level includes a swingers manor house, lush gardens, beach area and romantic hideaways.

2) We have a role play "forced" sex city called Tempsville. This includes a BDSM mansion, full city layout and high school.


We are "soft launching" with public access only just available today, in order to give store tenants a chance to move in..

Our group already has over 2,000 members and we plan to have a launch event this upcoming weekend which we expect to be very busy - we have maintained a very loyal following..

We have lots of shops available and if your product fits our themes, even better!

We are asking just L$400 per week for 40 prims.



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We have some good high profile tenants moving in now - thank you if you are reading.

If anyone wants to take a store, I'm offering to double any initial rent periods free of charge (so pay for 4 weeks, get 4 free). The additional rent will be added wihtin 24 hours of you taking a store. This is a time limited offer which ends this coming Saturday.

Grab your store now at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Temptations%20Isle/128/128/1002 or IM me for details.

Gomez Bracken

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