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The Technically Marvelous

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Over the years there have been places that have come and gone in SL that I would refer to as "The Technically Marvlous."  Places that highlighted what really could be done in SL.  Nemo, in the video above is an example of what I mean.  Other examples would be Greenies or Alpha and Omega Point.

What are some places past or present that impressed you that were technically marvelous to you?  Where you said to yourself, wow, that is an incredible build.

You tubes would be great for this.

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those two always came to mind..

i had pictures from AM radio  right before it went away..


but my hard drive died and unless i can just go in and get the stuff..they are gone.. =(

unless i have them on another..which i sure hope..

i'm gonna look tomorrow just to be sure..

i could have sworn i put them on my flickr..but they are not there..


i always regret not going to see Nemo..


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I don't know if this sim is still around..but i'm gonna find out tomorrow ..i'm gonna be looking at a lot of sims tomorrow..

this thread really inspired me to go exploring in the morning when i get home from work =)


Thank you for this Perrie..i needed something like this kind of boost.

i had forgotten about this part of SL..because it seemed so long ago..but i'm gonna go see if it's still out there somewhere..



for this sim.if you click the youtube  icon ..alll the information is in the upload information area..

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Here was another one, The Virtual Tomb of Tutankhamun.  I'd forgotten all about it.

I do have some reasons for starting this thread.  One of them is I am hoping to discover some hidden gems that I have not seen yet.  Another is I am hoping that it inspires people, perhaps to even go and build their dream in SL.

These are all examples of what can be accomplished in SL.

Sadly, this SIM is gone also.


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One of my favorite sim, and also my refuge was Lost worlds... sadly closed on january 2013. 

I made an album of the last days in my flickr : http://www.flickr.com/photos/40699072@N03/sets/72157632621184389/

one of my other favorite sim was Time will Tell more known on the name XIV. Sadly closed today, before i could make pics.

Another one is World Ends of garden. It will close on the 18th of october 2013. Im really sad about that, i just learnt the news from the group yesterday and its really a sad news for me. There are pics from this sim in my Flikr too. 

here are 2, i got the pic of the day with them 2 days in a row 



(sorry althought these ones are already on SL asset servers bec they are in my artgallery inworld, i refuse to upload anything on SL properties under the new tos, so i ll only provide the flirkr links).

World ends of garden is closing bec the creator has new projects in RL. 


Another amazing place was Empyreal Dreams. 

This one closed on last week end because of the new TOS.

sad news aswell for me.

i went there some weeks ago and made a lot of pics that i havent already used in my arts. So well, it will still remain a bit alive for me when i will open them on my comp.




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