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Looking for a full region private island sim

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Really unsure how you end up with a $250 tier fee?


Entire Region 65,536 sqm 15,000 US$195

Private Estate:

Entire Region 65,536 sqm 15,000 US$295

That's the tier fees you pay.
Mainland is clutter-heaven, griefers can spam the sim next to you and affect yours, too. Eyesores everywhere. Very limited control over your sim.

Private Estate however is much better, as you can have your island not connected to anyone elses. You have full control over it and can deal with griefers and the likes yourself.

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iCade has correct information. Might want to also mention the $1,000 USD that LL charges to start the private SIM up. Yes, you can get a SIM transferred to you cheaper than this on the secondary markets, but, even at the lower rates through secondary markets the tier paid LL on private SIMs is still $295 USD per month and there's a cost to buy and transfer the SIM which anyone leasing out SIMs to others has to factor in and earn back.

One can quickly see how people selling out SIMs to others aren't doing it to "get rich". Anyone selling SIMs for much less than the rate LL charges is actually losing money, and therefore, it's likely eventually they'll shut the SIM down and leave... causing others to complain how unfair it was they got "ripped off".

Hopefully, these facts help you out.


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I have a friend who is in need to rent her entire region, private. She can;t sell it or she loses her homestead.

If you want full rights to the region to to what ever you want, she would rent it to you at the tier cost.

No purchase fee or $1000, just take over the island do as you want for the tier cost.

If interested let me know. She is ill and cant work to cover cost right now. It would be yours till you stop paying. Her homestead is her dream, the island is not.

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