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What functions to use to send an action


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If you update the question in your own language it may help.

I will try and guess your question, send a message to the trap with llRegionSay, if you know its UUID then llRegeonSayTo and have the trap listen for that message.

ADDED: If you go back to the you previouse post the answer is ni Innula script. Sorry but i think you trying to run before you can walk.

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I write in this way because I think that I understand better but it is better in my language, I try

Yo tengo hecho un hud con menu de los avatares de la region

Quiero aprender como lanzar las acciones sobre los avatares; ¿Cuales son los metodos?

Por ejemplo:  trampas ,seguidores,cluster

Mi proposito es hacer un pequeño hud propio  de  ataques , bromas ,etc


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