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Roller Coaster/Monorail


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I've been playing around trying to make a roller coaster/monorail thingy, and so far I've come to the conclusion I'm doing it wrong :(


I've tried using llMoveToTarget, with a sensor script to detect the next part of the track - that works,  but its horribly jerky. From what I can see, the ones already made are just non physical objects following a path..?

So the question being, is this the best way? Or should I use a vehicle?


Ideally I'd like to make something that will detect its own path, but I'm thinking I'm onto a loser there with that idea.


..also, I'm wondering why llMoveToTarget gets oleomargarine as its spellcheck suggestion. o.O

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Is this a one-off personal project, or something that's destined for distribution to multiple sites with different track configurations?  If the latter -- and especially if "normal" customers are supposed to set it up -- it's many times more difficult, and (at least during setup) constrained to be many times less efficient.

Otherwise, if it's a one-off, the scripts wouldn't need to detect the path each time the thing runs, and on a closed loop, such detection is obviously wasted work after the first time over the path.

If impact on sim performance is a major consideration, llSetKeyframedMotion() would be a good choice -- but first you have to decide how to get realistic motion over the course.

There are physical vehicle scripts driven by external path (mostly) rather than driver controls, but personally I don't know where to find source for those if you want to skip past scripting that part yourself. (That's not to say that code isn't around -- most stuff is -- I just never know where to find it.)


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