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"Cannot Apply to a Multiuser Mesh, Doing Nothing"

Pamela Galli

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I am using Blender to make a house.  I selected all the objects in the house and did not join, but exported as a .dae.  Same thing I have done with it twice before today.


I got the Missing Required Level of Detail upload error, which in the past I fixed by Ctl A, Rotation and Location.


However now when I try Ctl A I get "Cannot Apply to a Multiuser Mesh, Doing Nothing". Never seen that before and dont know what Multiuser Mesh is or how to get rid of it.  I am Googling and do not understand anything


Anyone?  Anyone?



ETA: Yes, it takes a long time to make anything with this kind of thing popping up regularly.

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hi  I think you will get a Multiuser mesh if for example you rez a cube and instead of Shift + D  to Duplicate it you use Alt + D.

This will create a Linked Copy of the original cube.


If thsi is the cause of the problem then to break the link:


1: In Object mode Right click to select your mesh.

2: press the shortcut key U to bring up the "Make single user menu"

3: choose the "Object and data" . This will unlink your mesh from the original

Now you should be able to use the Ctrl + A  for the apply menu an choose Rotation and scale , etc .


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