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Your Sim, Your Rules - No Premium account needed!

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Where only one rule applies -   Your Sim, Your Rules (as long as Linden Labs allows it, of course).   With full Estate rights you can customize it to your every desire, so choose the name you like best and let us get you settled in!!

All homesteads are 65536 sqm land, 3750 prim, with a weekly tier of L$7599 and we DO accept PayPal. Up to 4 Estate managers, full estate control over our sim including access and environment settings.

NOTE: Regent Estates offers a choice of 28 terrain files that can be applied to any Homestead or full sim, for those who don't want to terraform the land themselves or search the Marketplace! See the display on each of the following available Homesteads:

* * * * $6,999L to buy with FIRST WEEK INCLUDED* * * *

3750 prims, 65536 sqm, up to 4 EMs for full sim control!  Your Sim, Your Rules! (as long as LL allows it), please read the covenant information for all the details.

Dark Horse


Tigereye Isle

Witch Haven

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