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How do I go about getting the money paid into a sim back if it isnt under my name on the estate?



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Welcome to SL Answers.

OK first of all, if you are not dealing with Linden Lab directly then you are leasing space on someone else's Region and Estate..

This means that this is a Resident / Resident dispute.

Linden Lab will not get involved in this class of dispute.

Your former friend has taken possession of a Parcel for lease and created the land group and excluded you from the access list for that Parcel. You are not leasing a Region [sim] from Linden Lab.

You may certainly contact the actual Region Owner that leased the parcel to your former friend but then they have to make a determination about the veracity of your claim. Therein lies the difficulty. The Region Owner may or may not listen to your claim. Were they involved in the decision and did they directly lease your friend the Parcel with this sub-letting option? The Region owner may do one of the following:

1) Nothing and continue to lease out the Parcel to the original lessee;

2) Believe your story and still do nothing and continue to lease out the Parcel to the original lessee;

3) Believe your story and evict the original lessee - with or without a refund;

4) Evict and ban the whole lot of you.

FYI - I've had a very similar situation happen to me as a multiple Region Owner and Landlord. I chose option 4) with a partial refund to the original lessor since the claims were substantiated with local chat logs from the claimants [ I noted that sharing these with me was against the Linden Lab TOS ] Why did I pick this option? Because I didn't need this type of tenant [both the original lessor & the claimants] in and on my Regions. Per my Covenant, I was not under any obligation to refund anything! Also note that I did not refund monies to the claimants! The  original lessor was partially refunded because I had a replacement tenant immediately available.

So you have pretty much done everything you can. Now the waiting game begins. Consider the 14K you paid your friend a "not so cheap" lesson in trust.

One other remote option for you is to submit an Abuse Report declaring that your friend defrauded you since they were suppose to provide you a parcel to live on for that payment. This would have to be supported by chat logs and /or a contractual agreement note card or the equivalent. Linden Lab usually looks for major fraud issues that potentially affect a large number of residents.

Good Luck.


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