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what places are there in second life that have a electric chair?



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There are almost 30,000 sims in SL, sub-divided into millions (probably) of "places" so it isn't possible for us to give you an exhaustive list, or even be familiar with them all, especially as they change so frequently.

In-world search for "electric chair" gives me 11 results, although I can't vouch for their usefulness:

Restrained freedom island
Builders depot
Post mortum designs
Grot family shop
*The house on haunted hill ...
**M&E Bondage**
DEF! Clothing & Accessories
Gadgets, Gimmicks, Gizmos & Invisibility Cloaks
RBH Stores: Robeck Land
Castelo Reseller Full Permissions Freebies
Evaki and JSF Desgins: Your Christmas HQ

Try a few.

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Rose10101040 wrote:

[ ,,,, ] I already used the Second Life Search thing.

So did I, or I wouldn't have suggested it. :smileywink: The list isn't long -- Peter has just posted it for you -- but it's a good start.  The list in Marketplace is significantly longer, if you're interested in buying one.  You can broaden your search in both places, too, by looking for other likely keywords: "prison","penitentiary", "jail", execution", ....

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If you are looking to buy one, a Marketplace search on "electric chair" got me 65 hits.

If you just want to try one out, there is a Lucky Chair at WarBug Headquarters that will electrocute you even as it gives you a prize.  WarBugs are cute little airplanes and it's well worth waiting around the chair for a while to get one for free...and get zapped.  Shocking!

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