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Seeking Gacha Event Coordinator

Ayesha Lytton

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San Diego 3D / Solace Beach Estates is looking for a qualified person to organize a quarterly arts and entertainment themed Gacha event.

Your job will be to work with me, the estate owner, to find designers, get them set up on the sims, publicize the event, network with bloggers, and everything else that goes into creating a great event.

The ideal candidate will have experience with organizing shopping events, and great connections within the gacha world, fashion scene, art community, and/or music community. We do have some designers that will participate, but the ability to recruit more is key to this job. A professional, drama-free attitude is a must. Please have solid writing and spelling skills, and be able to write good advertisements. Photoshop/graphic design experience is nice, but not required as I or others can help if needed. The ability to voice and/or Skype is a big plus as it will make planning much easier. You should have good availability to work, but I can be online at a variety of times, so just let me know your time zone/schedule and it will probably be fine.

This will be a profit-split gacha event, so you will receive a lower stipend, but pay will go up the more designers/sales we get.

For more information please IM Ayesha Lytton in-world. Thanks!

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