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[Elysium City] Union Aerospace Corporation

Marcus Tinamou

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➤Union Aerospace Corporation


The Union Aerospace Corporation is an Earth based conglomerate that operates on a multi-planetary scale. They are well known as providing government contracts, aerospace research and development, biological and weapons research and development, as well as operating media and other minor subsidiaries. The UAC has a rich and lengthy history of being one of the largest and leading private entities that spreads itself over a vast array of fronts and holds itself as a financial titan.

Beneath the veil, the UAC is also rumored to operate outside of the watchful eye and care of the Earth Government and their jurisdiction. Conducting illegal operations on various planets that allow them to bypass moral and legal obligations that accompany governed areas of space.


The UAC maintains both Corporate and Military operations on Umbra. Elysium City is home to Golf Company, 2nd Batallion, 8th UAC Marines, also known as the 'Ghosts'.

■Faction Application
[UAC] Faction Application


➚Faction Lead: Marcus Tinamou
➚Faction Second: Waylon (xaddius)

Sim Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Umbra/128/130/2531

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