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Time & Space Sceptre Seeking Crew.

iscabox Flux

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Hello, My name is Captain Iscabox Flux but my friends call me Lanky.

I am the Captain of 2 Sailing Yachts The Lady Sasha and Rose BUT I am also the Captain of a second ship... one of Time & Space and up until now it has been my little secret and escape but frankly with the art I have on display from my travels and the amount of room there is on the inside I'd really like to open it up for other people to enjoy!

I am offering you a private, secure place to hangout and effectively "live" with the added option of renting Private Rooms in First Class should you wish for a small extra fee. I am also offering you the chance to hone your skills as a pilot and fly the ship to several destinations!

We are currently docked in Port Babbage BUT here is a direct access link, Follow it and let's have a chat? 


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