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Hippie Commune - live the creative, sensual, relaxed way of life in SL.

Seductive Dreamscape

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We are a hippie commune of over 1300 lovely people.


We have a thriving community, which holds regular parties, live music events, discussions, book clubs, art shows and writing classes. We believe in freedom of expression - freedom in talk, freedom in creativity and some of us like freedom in sex. We respect all. Voyeurs may wander about, but only group members may participate fully.

You will not find better friends anywhere in sl - freethinking, intelligent and fun people who are extremely loyal to the Commune and the beautiful way of life here. We're not like other places - everyone here has the chance to create their own events, send their own notices, rezz their things and use the Commune the way they want. In return, we have a wonderful variety of events as people share their talents - be it in art, music, literature, dressing up ideas, silly games, sensual encouragement of the shy.

Only TWO rules:
1. Respect All (obvious, natural rule)
2. Contribute in any way you can - smiling faces, events organisation, even lindens would be nice :)

If you like to chat and flirt but take your time, ask for a Cuddlers tag... it's worn by people at the Commune who may not want to be intimate at the time of their visit due to privacy issues, time demands etc. If someone is wearing it at the Commune, take note that at that time, they just want to chat..

*NEW* Woodstock Fields Forever - spacious dance area in a natural woodland - over 40 live musicians and DJs perform here

*NEW* 7seas fishing on the river leading to the Woodstock Fields

*NEW* Commune Marketplace - rent a stall or browse hippie stuffs - freebie stall

*NEW* rentals - both in village and in sky


What do people say about the Commune?

It's one of the rare places in SL where you feel welcomed right away and there are nearly every time people around to have wonderful discussions or great parties with. So the decision to join was pretty easy. ;)

The love - peace - hippies atmosphere, the general intelligence and friendliness, the nice lack of uptightness about sex (in -either- direction).

People tend to be much more intellectually inclined. They also tend to be sexy. That's a nice combination.

I liked the tendency of communers to SPEAK with each other. It immediately felt very different than other naughty-friendly places -- less meat market and more meet market.

The commune is different because its not created for the purpose of making money, its not like any other place ive been to in Sl, better than the sex dens and nightclubs its got its own niche and the people are all open minded and have similar interests other than sex :P

creative arts and nakedness; sex stuff not so big a deal. fun people.

It's mellow and fun and the people are nice and it hints at progressive ecological and socially minded philosophies which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Plus it's a sex positive space.

its laid back, chatty and the people are different (different in a good way)

I came to find an inclusive warm community

It was a place where one could always find a friendly person to enjoy being with. And a place to make new friends.

It's nice that there are a lot of like minded people to share conversation and laughs with

sex with respect, what a concept

It's the only place that combines interesting, nice people with fun things to do and open sexiness .

warmth, friendliness, feeling of acceptance

I like that the commune is a place people can be comfortable to be who they are, and that there weren't a lot of repressive rules

People who likes to socialize and share a unique life experience of being in second life

Relaxed place with no stress or drama.

The community spirit, family like atmosphere

The commune supports us in our freedom to live as we wish and form deep and lasting friendships.

Friendly nice people who say hello and remember who I am

There is a warm vibe that I have not seen at other places ;)

It's got something for everyone, without an oppressive vibe of "participate or you're not cool" or ridiculous amounts of lag

Its friendly, the people are really nice and the least judgmental of anyplace I've been.

The friendly people who want to assure that every one is happy.

Good conversation. Caring friendly people. Sense of belonging.

The loving and free style people there.

The free easy going style and mood. The family like feeling when being there and all the open minded people.

I wanted a place where I can chat with open minded, sexual people. I dont really look for activities, just conversation and a little.. "more", when the feeling strikes.

The people are so friendly and always ready to help at the commune. I joined because of the fun vibe I always feel when I am there.

it is a place to hangout and be myself, to talk about what is important to me with other people who care about that stuff too. There's no other place like it.

 Visit us today:


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