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Scandal, Religion, and Uprising - New RP SIM Looking for RPers and Leaders


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The year is 1969.

The once loved chapel at Lure Lane had been overtaken by a diabolical group of nuns known as the Sisters of No Mercy. To outside eyes, these Sisters appeared to be devout women carrying out the work of the Lord. Behind closed doors, the Sisters executed their own plans, the imprisonment and control of the women sentenced to life in the Magdalene Asylum.

Sometimes in the dead of night, cries could be heard coming from near the chapel from the women who had been incarcerated in the Magdalene Asylum. What were their crimes to deserve such punishment? Whore's, Adulterers, those who bore children out of wedlock and even women deemed too beautiful to be allowed to be out on their own in public were placed by local government and families within the community under the supervision of the Sisters and made to work in the Magdalene Laundry until they were cured of their sin. Some of these women would never see liberty again.

(The story at .:LURE LANE;. Is loosely based around the Magdalene Asylum scandals.  More info can be read via the wiki  - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magdalene_asylum)

We are looking for group leaders and community RPers for the following groups:

Church: Governed by no one but God the church condemns the people outside of the church following, blesses those who tithe, and beats those under their control. (need Nuns to play Sister Of No Mercy and a Priest)

Magdalene Asylum Nun: A mix of naive believers are forced by the law into the care of the church, these individuals regardless of their path there have become nuns to the church. Made to work in Gods name amongst other unspeakable tasks and punishments going on in the laundry room and town streets when darkness falls.

Law Enforcement: In constant battle between church and state. The Local police station must keep the peace. While some cops are honest and for the people there are a few that have their hands deep inside the Churches pockets. (looking for a Sheriff and officers)

Citizens: Everyday people whether locals or just passing through.

Commerce: These are shop owners and the employed around town. While some business owners appease the church others are underground hideouts for the growing Anti- Church sect. bustling at night.

  • Hiring: Medical Clinic Nurses, Doctors (These people are corrupted and constantly push the line from professionalism ad perversion)
  • Hiring: Baristas, Local Bar Manager, Coffeeshop Owner, Police Station Receptionist, Front Desk Receptionist at Medical Clinic

Civilian: You live day by day and are most likely a traveler passing through.

  • Anti-Church: Growing group of business owners, civilians, and law enforcement that have had enough with the power the church has over the town and are planning to push for separation of church and state.  (Looking for Group Leader, Black Panther Members, Members, and Misfits)
  • Church Members: Bible thumping religious freaks who have turned a blind to the "rumors" of what the church is really doing. To them anyone with a negative tongue to God's house is clearly influenced by the devil. They attend church regularly and protest business that are believed to be against God Almighty, constantly reporting to the police or taking matters into their own hands. (Looking for loyal church members with a blind eye to the churches wrong doings).

Contact ADMIN Louisa Lure (louisa.navarita) or Jasmine Rogue Lure (myjasmine) for more information or to join!


This is an adult roleplay sim which consists of religious undertones mixed with abuse and sex.

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