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avi moves slowly

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Please Help,

Not sure what I clicked, when adjusting my camerarearview, but now my avi moves slow. Able to teleport and do everything, but its almost like I am dragging something. It happens when I fly, walk, run all move slow. I looked to see if I am wearing a prim, so its not that. I tried to uninstall and reinstall, but still same issue. My connection is fine 70 fps.

Thank you,


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Corwin Spearsong wrote:

was surprised reinstall didn't fix this issue, but am using firestorm beta version

Unless the re-install was "clean", the settings file that remembers your viewer's configuration is not affected, so a screwy setting will haunt you forever. Instructions for a Firestorm clean install can be found here...


And even those instructions are not quite complete for Mac users. They forgot to tell people to delete the viewer's saved application state folder in "Library->Saved Application State".


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