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Coral Estates providing lands on Secondlife since 2007 -
Private Island Stand alone
65536sqm Land
15000 Prims
19000L$ Week

Full Estate Control Manager ( alt owner is possible )
Ban Control
Media Control
( Audio and Video)
Residential and Comercial
Mature, PG, Adult Set your own style
Set your OWN Covenant
Control Access, script and all is on the estate manager tab
RAW File upload and download allowance
Experienced Staff multi language help all days online available
Pay in lindens on the terminal and check your time, stats, balance anytime from our terminal system

You dont need a premium account to rent us land.

If you prefer to choose a name and ordering 1 or more full regions send us an im to prepare you the regions.

IM Kristaki Hudson or Leah Chardin
Coral Estate Inworld Office: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Xanatos/110/118/22
or visit also our vacant land listings at:


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