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MetroRentals - 4,096 Of Lush Green Grass For Only L$1,250!

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Our vision is simple: To provide you with the best service possible at a price that's affordable for everyone.

We currently have the following deals available for you:

  • 4 - 4,096sqm, 937 prim parcels - L$1,250/week (SLURL)
  • 2 - 4,096sqm, 937 prim parcels - L$1,350/week (SLURL) - Corner
  • 2 - 3,584sqm, 820 prim parcels - L$1,150/week (SLURL)

These parcels are all on the edge of the SIM, with 4 of the 4,096's in each of the SIM corners. At this price, they won't last, so pop in and pick your place before it's gone!

The center of the SIM will soon house a plethora of commercial rental properties, as well as an open area garden which will also serve as a live events center! If you are into gaming, live concerts, shopping, meeting new friends and a multitude of other activities, you'll fit in just fine at MetroRentals!

You've tried the other guys, now try the right guys!

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to contact me in-world via IM if I am online or using the board located on each parcel to do so!

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