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We all do this.... Don't we? [Silliness for Monday!]

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Off topic, but funny (maybe just odd) story about Titanic.  Our family -- my wife and I, our son (probably 15 at the time), and youngest daughter (probably 11) -- went to the movies.  Our children wanted to see Titanic, we opted for something lighter, but I cannot even remember the movie we saw.  We finished first and then waited for them to finish and come out.  It looked like they came from a funeral, very solemn, and very quiet.  We finally had to ask if something happened besides a sad movie.  They took it so hard.  It was not funny at the time, but years after we can laugh about it.  

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Jacki Silverfall wrote:

me facepalms; I've never seen it.. How sad is that. :smileysad:

Well after seeing the Sins as documented above in 9 or so minutes you've seen the best [or worst] scenes of the movie. Now that The Judge mentions it, I think they forgot to mention the soundtrack as one of the Sins. Even in the Bonus round of Sin counting it was ignored.

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KarenMichelle Lane wrote:

We all love to pick apart the movies we watch, steal, pay $15 to see, walk into the theatre next door after the one we just saw finished, pay $2 to see & sleep through.

So I offer CinemaSins dissection of Titanic, yes THAT movie I personally watched 4 times in the Theater.

I think I'm cured...


 Do you really want to know everything that was wrong with the "Big, Long, Boring Boat Movie"? The fact that it was released in the first place.

As you may have guessed..I HATED HATED this movie! Hated it! If it weren't for the flash forwards of the old lady, I would have fallen asleep.

Here's my story with this film (if you're interested). I was dating this girl at the time who so wanted to see this film. I fought and fought..I really didn't want to go. We only went in after she said she would pay to see it. I sat down and it started out ok..you know, but as it went on, it became painfully boring. Then...HURRAY!! The ship hit the iceberg...surely, I'll be out of my misery soon. NOPE...took the F***ING boat another hour to sink. We walked out..she's crying and I just wanted some pizza.

Needless to say, we broke up shortly after that....:matte-motes-sunglasses-3:

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