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Something I accidentally stumbled upon

FD Spark

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The above image was what I was trying to do but sort of failed.

  I was trying to map my rl face on avatar sort of messed up in drawing lab but I don't think I ever seen in last 10 years 4 ear avatar until this accident.

Finally figured it out last night almost was done but I forgot final save and update. All my worked vanished I will try again after effecient two day nap. LOL



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Thank you I have example of one I am   working on  but it keeps not turning out right.

Here is snapshot of it to right is image   of the   face skin  not sure what I did wrong

Your snapshot is now available https://my.secondlife.com/fd.spark/snapshots/528c5b12e151444ec1000001


Here the image  I  got on.  I had to remove the curly hair it looked really bad this is from a photo of myself plus

I used Robin Wood's SL Avatar Head VSmart template for head plus few of the items from the sl skin shaders    in the program folder on my hard drive.

I  got inspired after listening/watching the hour long video  on youtube from 

How to make Second Life Skin with Photoshop By Quark Yifu


Quark had some ideas  I hadn't ever thought of that I try out but still not sure what I am doing wrong.

fdbaldSL Avatar Head VSmart 512attempt3targa.tga

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The lines I figure out have to do with color difference. I still can't get it right yet though:(

I have had pointy ears off and on for 8 years.

Its still in  the system so its still option so I wear them.

I have no clue about system changes and avatar/content making other than what I do for been doing for fun  because I have taken few years off,

I would like to improve though but its always been struggle for me with skins.


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