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Beautiful Affordable Prices Parcels @ Stargazer Estates


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Why pay more for your home and get less, we offer second to non service, Customer support and much more, come see for yourselves why were constantly expanding and growing.
Visit our website http://www.stargazer-estates.com
Visit our offices at - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Silver%20Run/142/116/23

Stargazer Estates was started by the Hearts (Damien and his wife Maddy) in November 2011 as a hobby and just somewhere we could call home after having our items returned because yet another estate company closed. We thought we would offer a few friends a safe place to live without the fear of closing or selling the land. The Estate at the time was doing great and word of mouth started to spread as more and more people put their trust in us.

When you purchase from Stargazer Estates, you get full rights over your land and peace of mind with our great management team.

We allow Breedable pets, Commercial / Residential Buildings plus much more. Weekly or monthly payments via our ATM machines or via Paypal if you prefer, Just visit the middle pay terminal inside our office. Our main goal is to provide inexpensive land for all your needs, somewhere you can truly call home.

Check out our price promise.

Visit our offices at - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Silver%20Run/142/116/23


Come in and speak to Angeliaeyes

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