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::Club★Zero:: HIRING HOSTS

Kaede Rhiadra

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::Club★Zero:: Hosts wanted. ( Perm & Cover positions are available )
NOTE** Please contact Mgr. inworld. Not on this site. Thanks..

We're open: 24 hrs a day & hire new staff all year!
Tips only ( Hosts keep a standard 90% of all tips earned)
No experience Hosting? No problem. We offer training for beginners if you're willing to listen and learn.
If you apply as a "cover host" ( working random times ) You MUST be willing to work 3 shifts per month. There's lots of times for Hosts to pick perm shifts as well.

We like our Hosts to be chatty, energetic and fun.  - If you wanna make SL cash while having fun, come check us out! There's over 3,400 VIPS in our group; so this job is definitely for Hosts who enjoy big crowds at times & awesome LIVE DJs.

::Club★Zero:: is an Industrial club located on an adult sim. We've been in business since 2009. We have LIVE DJs & Hosts that work day & night to bring the best entertainment possible for our VIPS & guests.

If you'd like an application, send a notecard to: Kaede Rhiadra
Or you can TP down to the club and click on the grey applications box on the wall. ( It's near the contest board )

**Note: We'd like for you to at least check out the club first. Listen to the music, maybe talk to people and explore the club before you apply. That way, you can be certain you like it there. ^_^ We're quite friendly and everything, so don't be shy... we'd love to have ya!

Click SLurl below to visit us inworld:


Visit our website for further info, or to listen to our DJs streaming live:


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