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WANTED!! Donaters and Supporters!!

Daegan Cortes

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::Power Up:: Is going to be hosting a contest soon and we are lookin for supporters! any businesses who want to donate an Item or money or gift cards to the contest are more then welcome to!! We need supporters! and in exchange we 'will' advertise for your stores and your products for 2 months for free!! Power up is a gaming club, and we will be hosting a talk show called Come play with me which is involved with an Actual radiostation in SL called ENT SL Radio. If you want some support in your business, come chat us up ^^ We would love to get your sitch and see if we can help eachother!


You can contact someone about it by messaging Daegan Cortes in world, or message xxchaoticembracexx

or come to http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Skunk%20Valley/46/212/71 and find us!!

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